electronic airsoft timers

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AST-301 with 1 game mode

62 EUR
+ shipping

 * * * 

AST-311 with 2 game modes

64 EUR
+ shipping

 * * * 

AST-321 with 4 game modes

75 EUR
+ shipping

 * * * 

kit versions of AST models
AST kits

starting at 29 EUR
+ shipping


We are a small Central European company that designs and manufactures electronic accessories. Last year, we started producing electronic airsoft timers intended to be used as emulated time bombs for airsoft scenarios. Unfortunately, things did not finally turn out the way we had expected, therefore we have applied some major changes for the re-start:

• models AST-101 and AST-111 are not available anymore
• models AST-301, AST-311 and AST-321 are also available in kit form with housing
• models AST-301, AST-311 and AST-321 are also available in kit form without housing
• models AST-301, AST-311 and AST-321 are also available in PCB-only kit form
• we have had to raise the prices of our assembled (ready-made) models by a small amount

However, we also have good news:

• models AST-301, AST-311 and AST-321 have been improved for 2010
• there are new models coming up, AST-331 and AST-341, with new features over the previous models
• we have decided to sell our products outside of the EU as well*

*Customers outside of EU countries, please, contact us before making a purchase using PayPal because the calculated shipping cost does not cover shipping rates to countries outside of the EU.

In the future, we will be focusing on the kits. However, by buying them, you will still be able to use our products to their full potential, with little skills and talent needed for you to assemble them. (Some soldering may be required, though.) Naturally, you can still choose the assembled models for a slightly higher price if you do not feel like assembling kits.

Stay tuned. ;)

MoFra crew


Improvements of earlier models (AST-301, AST-311 and AST-321)

• improved shock protection
• improved mechanical protection of the PCB
• upgraded plugs & sockets for better connection (only for AST-321)
• improved software

Kits for all models in 3 versions:

• containing all the parts including the engraved plastic housing
• containing all the parts excluding the housing
• containing the ready-made PCB only © 2010 • optimized for IE8 & FF3 • last updated: 18 November 2011